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How soon do I need to book?

Most couples book between 12-18 months before their wedding date to ensure they secure my services. With me being the only DJ at Vineyard Vibes, my availability tends to fill up quickly.

Can you help with planning for the big day?

Absolutely! Let's make this process fun and stress-free together. Whether you've got a solid vision or need some help figuring things out. I've got plenty of wedding tips and tricks to make your wedding flow seamlessly on the day.

What do you need from the venue in order to set up?

Nothing. My set up is self-contained. All I need is access to a power outlet and a space close to the dance floor.  

How long do you need to set up?

I will arrive 1.5 hours before my start time to ensure everything is ready to go for your celebration.  

Can you set up outside?

Yes. I need a dry flat surface to set up my equipment, as well as a shade or cover to ensure my equipment does not get wet or overheated.

Can we use your microphone for our MC and guest speeches?

Yes. I have a wireless microphone that can be used. If you have a videographer on the night, I can work with them to provide an audio feed.

Do you have a back-up option if your equipment fails?

Yes of course. I always bring back up gear just in case. Touch wood I have never had to use it.

Do you take song requests on the night?

I love interacting with the guests and keeping the party going. I'll do my best to play most song requests, as long as it keeps the dance floor alive and matches the couple's vibe. If there's a song you don't want to hear, no worries, I won't play it, unless you change your mind on the night!

Can you provide sound support to acoustic performers?

Yes. I can provide a PA system for indoor or outdoor performances and work with the music artists to deliver the sound flawlessly.

Can you mix in cultural music into our wedding celebration?

Absolutely! I have worked with many couples who have requested their cultural music to be played on the night. It usually makes for an extremely energetic and colourful dance floor with all guests jumping up to get involved. It also a beautiful way to create a personal experience on the dance floor that reflects your diverse background. I’m able to seamlessly blend in cultural music to ensure your wedding celebration is a awesome fusion of traditions and modern bangers.

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